Specialty Pharmacy

Our concern is with the well-being and quality of people's lives, because our focus is on the Human Being!


We deliver values and solutions in drug distribution swiftly and safely!

Patient Support

Íntegra Medical, our Patient Support division, is committed to multiplying every achievement, since our greatest inspiration is caring.


“Profarma Specialty has agility with processing orders and delivery, attractive prices, product availability that I need, and reliable drug storage.”

Dr. Rubens Siqueira Jr, gynecologist,
a Specialties Pharmacy customer for 8 years


“We've been working with Profarma Specialty for a long time. We've built a relationship of partnership, trust and mutual respect. We seek to aim our actions and planning to serve our customers in the best possible way. Together we can do more!”

Felipe Sznayderman, Managing Director of Rede Vaccini,
Profarma Specialty customer for 15 years.

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