Who We Are

Profarma Specialty is a joint venture born from the strategic partnership between Profarma and AmerisourceBergen (NYSE: ABC), a global leader in the specialty pharmaceutical market.

By combining AmerisourceBergen’s deep industry knowledge with Profarma’s expertise in the Brazilian market, Profarma Specialty is uniquely positioned as the only company to offer integrated solutions for its customers, from distribution through patient support, across three complementary business units.

We are committed to continuously improving healthcare in Brazil and around the world, helping people access the medication they need every day.

Our distribution solutions, specialty pharmacy services and integrated patient care offerings improve patients’ comfort, convenience and quality of life.

Where We Operate

Our distribution centers ship nationwide quickly and safely, respecting each product’s packaging and conservation standards.


Our philosophy

Distribution and
Specialty Pharmacy

  • Our Mission

    To increase the results of our partners by offering innovative solutions and services.

  • Our Goal

    To be the strategic partner in the specialties segment for the industry, healthcare providers and patients.

  • Our Values

    We are committed to satisfying our business partners.
    We recognize and value those who make the difference.
    We are tireless in the pursuit of excellence.
    We are non-conformist by nature.
    We are honest and act with integrity.
    We embrace change.
    We take pride in who we are and what we do.

Patient Support

  • Our People

    Our team embodies integrity, kindness, joy and humility.

  • Our approach

    We are proactive, curious, creative and always looking for innovative solutions.

  • Our Clients

    We exist to serve and build relationships with our clients and partners.

  • Our Patients

    Patients are our greatest inspiration and the motivating force behind our relentless search for innovation.

  • Integrity

    We strive to be an honest partner in our relationships with employees, suppliers and customers.

  • Results

    We are results-oriented without sacrificing service quality or customer satisfaction.

  • Quality

    We guarantee quality in our work throughout each stage of the process.

Code of Ethics

In accordance with national legal and regulatory requirements, and with a core belief in honesty and integrity, we apply a code of ethics throughout all of our business units including Distribution, Specialty Pharmacy and Patient Support.

Access the Code of Ethics


Relentless in the pursuit of excellence, we invent and innovate every day to improve the well-being of our patients. We are proud of our associates, who are trained and dedicated to patient-centered care. 

Our services in Distribution, Specialty Pharmacy and Patient Support Programs allow us to offer integrated and customized solutions for our clients  with the constant goal of providing access to medication and a better quality of life.